Creativity Labs

Discover your inner artist! Challenge yourself and let your creativity run wild!


Saturday 2nd May 2015


10.00 am

Archeomega Soc. Coop.

Type & print

11.00 am

Musa lavorazioni

What shoes are made of

3.00 pm

Wilma Menghini

Pottery: the coil technique

4.30 pm

Maria Pia Zepponi Creazioni d’arte

Paper art

6.00 pm

International Comics School – Jesi

Storytelling: narrating by pictures

6.30 pm

Archeomega Soc. Coop.

One tile after another

Sunday 3rd May 2015


11.00 am

Beatrice Galliani

Discovering lace pillow

3.00 pm

Tiziana Piccirilli

Unraveling tangles… macrame bracelets

4.30 pm

Caterina Sarvoli

…All you need is wood… creativity lab for children

6.00 pm

Bonfili Design

Graphic and design tips

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